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ODA Technologies | OPX-55SE



OPX-55SE Module type Programmable DC Power Supply

가변출력 0~5V, 고정출력 5A의 모듈형 8채널 파워 서플라이

OPX-55SE는 1~5V / 5A Fixed 8-Channel Output 프로그래머블 직류전원 공급장치로써 SCPI(Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments) 프로토콜에 따르는 RS-232C 통신을 지원하며 Compact Size 크기로 모바일 검사장비로써 최적화 설계 되었습니다. 기본 8채널이나 고객 요청사항으로 OPX-55SF(4채널)~OPX-55ST(10채널)까지 가능합니다. 



130mm(W) x 345mm(H) x 130mm(D)
OPX-55SF(4채널) 사이즈부터, OPX-55ST(10채널)까지
  • OPX-55SE-DCPowerSupply
    • 8 channels, 1~5V /Fixed 5A each with 10mV/10mA Resolution
    • Modular type provides individual replacement or repair for each channel
    • Low Ripple & noise(10mVrms)
    • Programming Accuracy(1%+30mV)
    • Readback Accuracy(1%+30mV / 1%+20mA)
    • Remote Voltage-Sensing(Voltage drop compensation)
    • Protection(OVP,OCP), UVL
    • RMT LED light for communication status checking
    • Remote Interface (RS-232C)
    • Save and Check up to 10 error messages
    • Calibration 기능 제공(메뉴얼 및 PC기반)
    • Dimensions : 130mm(W) x 345mm(H) x 130mm(D)
    • Accessories : Operating Manual(QR code), Window Application Demo Program
      (QR code), AC input cord 1pc(1.5meter),Fuse 1pc(Built in AC input inlet),
      Output – sensing connection short bar
    • 옵션

      • Output Cable 1pc
      • V-Sens Cable 1pc
      • 8channel RS232C to GPIB Converter
    • 액세서리

      • Operating Manual 1pc
      • Window Application Demo Program (CD)
      • AC input cord 1pc (1.5meter)
      • Fuse 1pc (Built in AC input inlet)
      • Output – sensing connection short bar